Workshop Programme

The workshop will be held in Room 1.02.6 in the Bancroft Building on Queen Mary University of London's Mile End campus. See the IWCS 2015 website for directions and a map: IWCS 2015 Location.

9.30 10.10 Cooper Proper Names in Interaction
10.10 10.50 Lemon/Eshghi Deep Reinforcement Learning for constructing meaning by 'babbling'
10.50 11.10 coffee  
11.10 11.50 Stone Dialogue as Computational Metasemantics
11.50 12.30 Larsson Situated Construction and Coordination of Perceptual Meaning
12.30 1.10 Asher Computing Discourse Structures for Dialogues from the Stac Corpus
1.10 2:00 lunch  
2.00 2.40 Chatzikyriakidis/Kempson/Gregoromichelaki Language as a set of mechanisms for interaction
2.40 3.20 Piwek Two accounts of ambiguity in a dialogical theory of meaning
3.20 4.00 Hough/Schlangen Inferring Meaning From Disfluencies in an Incremental Dialogue Framework
4.00 4.30 tea  
4.30 5.00 Purver/Sadrzadeh From Distributional Semantics to Distributional Pragmatics?
5.00 5.20 Howes/Healey What we ought to know: Making and breaking common ground
5.20 5.40 Kelleher/Dobnik A Model for Attention-Driven Judgements in Type Theory with Records
5:40 6:30 White et al Workshop Summary and Discussion

After that we'll go to dinner at Sông Quê, table booked for 7pm:

Sông Quê Café

134 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DY, 020 7613 3222