The 11th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2015) was held at Queen Mary University of London, UK on 14-17th April 2015. IWCS is the bi-yearly meeting of SIGSEM, the ACL special interest group on semantics; this year's edition is hosted by Queen Mary's Computational Linguistics Lab.

The aim of the IWCS conference is to bring together researchers interested in any aspects of the computation, annotation, extraction, and representation of meaning in natural language, whether this is from a lexical or structural semantic perspective. IWCS embraces both symbolic and statistical approaches to computational semantics, and everything in between.

The main conference was held Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th April, with a day of workshops on Tuesday 14th, and a hackathon on the previous weekend 11-12th.

Invited speakers

  • Regina Barzilay Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Yoshua Bengio Université de Montréal
  • Ann Copestake University of Cambridge

News and Updates

Important dates

  • 15-17 April 2015 Main conference
  • 14th April 2015 Workshops
  • 11-12 April 2015 Hackathon
  • 1st March 2015 Full workshop material due
  • 27th February 2015 Camera-ready papers due
  • 4th February 2015 Paper notification of acceptance
  • 19th December 2014 Final submissions due (long and short)
  • 16th December 2014 Initial submissions due (long and short)
  • 1st December 2014 Workshop descriptions due
  • 17th October 2014 Workshop notification of acceptance
  • 10th October 2014 Workshop proposals due